Manchester Industrial Relations Society


11 November 1966

Shop Stewards, Workshop Bargaining & Wage Drift

Dr Shirley Lerner

19 January 1967

Difficulties of Organising a Research Project on Pay Structure & Wage Drift

Professor Tom Lupton

2 March 1968

Symposium on Productivity Bargaining in the Electricity Supply Industry

D W Maddocks, H Holt, F Morgan, Arthur Priest

17 May 1967

The Work of the National Board for Prices & Incomes

Dr F J Bayliss


Thursday 12 October 1967, 5.30pm

The Impact of Nationalisation upon the System of Industrial Relations in the Steel Industry

Herbert Morley

Manager Steel, Peech & Tozer, Director, United Steel Companies Ltd

Thursday 16 November 1967, 5.30pm

The Future of Plant Bargaining

Richard O’Brien

Industrial Adviser, Department of Economic Affairs

January 1968, 5.30pm

The Royal Commission on Trade Unions & Employers’ Associations

Professor Hugh Clegg

University of Warwick, member of the Royal Commission on Trade Unions & Employers’ Associations

Thursday 7 March 1968, 5.30pm

A Trade Union View of Prices & Incomes

T Connelly

Thursday 11 April, 1968, 5.30pm

Industrial Sociology

Alan Fox

Lecturer in Industrial Sociology, University of Oxford

Thursday 6 June 1968, 5.30pm

Professor Ben Roberts



Thursday 10 October 1968, 5.30pm

The Reform of Collective Bargaining

Allan Flanders

Faculty Fellow of Nuffield College & Senior Lecturer in Industrial Relations, University of Oxford

Thursday 14 November 1968, 5.30pm

What Next After Donovan?

W E J McCarthy

Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Management Studies & St Peter’s College, Oxford

Thursday 16 January 1969, 5.30pm

The Development of Productivity Bargaining

J H Galbraith

Assistant Under Secretary of State: Head of Research & Planning Division, Department of Employment & Productivity

Thursday 20 March 1969, 5.30pm

Collective Bargaining & Law

Professor O Kahn-Freund

Thursday 10 April 1969, 5.30pm

The Technique of Negotiating

L F Neal

Board Member, British Railways Board

Thursday 8 May 1969, 5.30pm

A Trade Union View of the Donovan Report

J A Peel

General Secretary, National Union, Dyers, Bleachers & Textile Workers


Thursday 16 October 1969 5.30pm

Symposium on Industrial Relations Led by the Society’s Officers

Thursday 20 November 1969, 5.30pm

The Work of the Commission on Industrial Relations Industrial Relations

L T Blakeman

Director, Labour Relations, Ford Motor Company Ltd. Member of the Commission on Industrial Relations Industrial Relations

Thursday 15 January 1970, 5.30pm

The T.U Movement- Opportunity & Responsibility

A W Allen

General Secretary, USDAW. Member of the Commission on Industrial Relations Industrial Relations

Thursday 12 February 1970, 5.30pm

Manpower Problems in a Large Organisation

H Briggs

Head of UK Personnel Services, Unilever

Thursday 26 February 1970, 5.30pm

Lerner Memorial Lecture

Professor H A Turner

Montague Burton of Industrial Relations, University of Cambridge

Thursday 12 March 1970, 5.30pm

Relationships Between the Government & the Trade Unions

Lord Cooper

General Secretary, GMWU

Thursday 30 April 1970, 5.30pm

Disputes Procedures in British Industry

A I Marsh

Senior Research Fellow in Industrial Relations, St Edmund Hall, Oxford

All meetings take place at The Blackett Theatre, University of Manchester, Schuster Laboratory, Brunswick St, Manchester 13