The Manchester Industrial Relations Society (MIRS) is a well-established and important forum for the discussion of industrial relations and employment issues within Britain.

Founded 53 years ago in 1964, the Society has mounted a continuous annual programme of meetings addressed by distinguished speakers from the industrial relations, human resource management and trade union world. We now have over 160 members from across the north-west of England, drawn from the trade unions, management, Acas, Industrial Law Society, and Universities.

Recent Speakers

Speakers over recent years have included: David Fairhurst, Chief People Officer, McDonald’s North Europe; Catherine Glickman, Human Resources Director, Tesco; Shaun Grady, Global Projects Leader, AstraZeneca; Tony Stark, Head of Employee Relations, Vertex; Neil Carberry, Director of Employment Affairs, CBI; Mike Emmott, CIPD; Professor Keith Ewing, University of London; John Hendy QC; Brian Doyle, Regional Employment Judge; Billy Hayes, General Secretary, Communication Workers Union; Mark Serwotka, General Secretary, Public and Commercial Services Union; Matt Wrack, General Secretary, Fire Brigades Union; Alex Bryson, National Institute of Economic and Social Research; Professor Linda Dickens, Industrial Relations Research Unit, University Warwick; Professor Keith Sisson, Industrial Relations Research Unit, University of Warwick; Professor Willie Brown, University of Cambridge; Professor Geraldine Healy, Queen Mary University of London; Will Hutton, The Observer; Paul Routledge, The Mirror; Paul Mason, BBC2 Newnight; Martin Kettle, The Guardian; Alastair Hatchet, Director, Incomes Data Services.

Next Meeting on Zoom: May 6, 2021

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    May 6, 2021 (6-7.30pm)

    The Shrewsbury pickets and the struggle for justice, 1972-2021

    On Tuesday 23 March, the Court of Appeal overturned the criminal convictions of the Shrewsbury 24, a group of trade unionists in the construction industry who were convicted and in some cases imprisoned on charges of unlawful assembly, conspiracy to intimidate, and affray following the 1972 national building workers strike.

    A 47 year campaign for justice has resulted in the judgements being overturned, and on 6 May MIRS will be holding a meeting to mark this historic result.

    Ralph Darlington, Professor Emeritus in Employment Relations, University of Salford (and the author of a chapter on the 1972 building workers strike in his co-authored book with Dave Lyddon, Glorious Summer), Eileen Turnbull (the researcher for the Shrewsbury 24 campaign who discovered all of the crucial evidence that saw the convictions overturned), and Terry Renshaw (one of the 24 pickets, who was convicted of unlawful assembly in 1973) will be speaking at the event.

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